In conversation with Caspar Craven.

Where the magic happens
The ultimate adventure

In conversation with Caspar Craven 

Meet the man who re-engineered his family values to get the family back on track and then implemented the same method into his failing company.

Turning a loss-making, energy-sapping business into a phenomenally connected organisation, allowed Caspar the opportunity to realise his ambition, which was to have a company that could run without him, while he set sail on an epic 2-year sailing adventure around the world with his young family.

With his wife Nichola, they ran a secondary business, which quickly grew from 1 to 500 niche dating websites in 3 months — providing regular revenue while at sea.

The family motto is testament to their values which are embedded in the family

As Caspar says, “If it were down to me nothing would get finished if it was down to Nichola nothing would get started”.

He continues, “My proudest achievement was also our greatest transformation, we learnt how to put ‘Family First’ this completely transformed mine and Nichola’s relationship and the relationship I had with the business, I’m now a great believer in ‘Don’t wait for perfect, it will always keep you waiting.”.

Caspar was just 14 when he started his first business, with his patched-up fishing boat and collection of lobster pots with a little help from his mum he set sail to sea.  With perseverance and imagination at the age of 16, Caspar was exporting half a ton of crab to Spain each week. “It’s here at Start Point Lighthouse, where I had my first fishing business, I’d say its where my soul resides on the South coast”. 

Start Point Lighthouse

It probably wasn’t that surprising that one day he would leave his high profile corporate CEO role behind to embark on his boldest adventure of all time sailing around the world with just his wife who suffered seasickness, with two young children and a baby.

Now that the epic voyage is over, the book ‘Where the Magic Happens’ has been written and published to raving 5-star reviews, Caspar’s adventures continue as he moves on to his next phase.

Back on dry land, home for the Cravens is Weybridge, in Surrey their 2nd home is their boat moored in San Francisco ready to take them wherever the moment or spark of inspiration leads.

The UK provides community, security and stability with a tremendous close network of friends while San Francisco has the world of possibilities on the doorstep whether they sail to the Pacific Ocean to  North America or Silicon Valley

Catching up with Caspar about life post the ocean adventure and their incredible experiences, we talk about the new projects which are all aligned to inspire others on how to use and instill family values, to have the confidence to create their own unique story and realise those family ambitions. 

“I am inspired by anyone who grabs their dream and makes it happen. High energy people who are driven and on a mission.  Nichola inspires me; she’s never afraid to ask the tough questions, to move on and deal with my inadequacies.  Without a doubt, my children are such an inspiration with their unquenchable thirst for discovery & learning”.

Caspar is in high demand, delivering keynote’ speeches, advising organisations on change management, leadership and empowering teams for growth via mentorship and consultancy. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Caspar thrives educating and inspiring entrepreneurs to be bold.

“Variety is the spice of life and in an average week it can include several keynotes, 1 day meeting and mentoring teams and 2 days working on the new project that I am developing with Nichola, ‘The Brave You’, a transformational suite of products to complement our 25 year mission to create a thriving movement to inspire people around the world to live the life they want to lead”. 

Talking about taking time out, Caspar seldom sits still and the weekends are no exception. I take the opportunity to steal a few moments to ask about life behind the scenes.

“Dad’s taxi service is always in high demand with three children; there is always somewhere they need to be. The perfect weekends are those that start on Friday evening with a game’s night as a family or a date night with Nichola, catching up on the busy week. Saturdays must be a mini adventure, exploring on foot or the water, followed by family movie nights. Sunday, I start the day with a long run followed by a great Sunday Roast and some more family adventures ending the day with prep time for the week ahead. 

“For me, the food that warms my soul has to be any one of the following; the fresh tuna we catch from the boat a Great British roast or an old classic made with my son Columbus like a fabulous ‘Toad in the Hole.’”.

 On shopping habits,  “It will come as no surprise that shopping is done on Amazon, “I love the simplicity of the shopping experience, the speed and the sheer volume of the product range”.

Caspar Craven: Recommended Reading List

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Principles: “To stare hard at your inadequacies and to reflect on them and to figure out a way through them” Ray Dalio

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For reference: ‘The Brave You’, the next book is being co-authored with Nichola this book which focuses on distilling down the principles that make a family team

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