Stressed & struggling is NOT a sign of weakness

According to Mind, the mental health charity, one in six employees experience anxiety, stress, or depression. Figures from the Centre for Mental Health show that stress alone costs UK employers £34.9 billion a year and according to the Chartered Institute of Personal Development, stress is now the number one cause of sickness absence. And yet, 95 per cent of workers who had taken time off for stress gave their boss another reason, a YouGov poll commissioned by Mind found.

 “Every organisation, regardless of size or sector, needs to take mental health seriously,” Emma Mamo, head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, says. “Employers who fail to address the causes of poor mental health in their workplace will find that it comes at a huge cost to the organisation in terms of poor employee morale and retention; and high sickness absence.

Here at The Brand Activators, we support knowledge sharing, Jason Allan Scott one of our leading Speakers on mental health & wellbeing talks openly about his own experience, busting the myths, sharing personal stories with his insightful content.

 Jason says, “Raising awareness of mental health problems should be the start of the process of tackling them, not the end. It’s important to be aware of something that affects literally everyone, and that a quarter of the population regularly struggle with. It’s weird that anyone wouldn’t be when you put it in those terms, but that does seem to the case”.
“Perhaps the term is a bit misleading, or not specific enough. It’s not exactly mental health that people need to be made aware of, so much as the fact that mental health can, and regularly does, go wrong. And when someone’s mental health does falter or fail, they should receive the same concern and help that someone with a more obvious “physical” ailment should get, not scorn and stigma, as often happens.”.

Employers don’t necessarily need to put in place costly interventions – small, inexpensive measures can make a huge difference to staff wellbeing. Mind has produced a  free to download guide to allow managers and staff to jointly identify their particular causes of stress. If you would like a speaker to visit your workplace to discuss mental health & wellbeing please email

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