June Round-up

What a busy month it’s been, we’ve had speakers sharing their insights and knowledge, on stages everywhere. They’ve been educating, motivating and inspiring 000’s of people. Our experts add such value far beyond the allotted ‘on stage’ time frame. Speeches are packed with so many great takeaways, pearls of wisdom and lightbulb moments for delegates to implement in their businesses for immediate impact, with quick win strategies and insight into seeding long term transformation. It certainly is a ‘VERY’ special role our expert speakers have.

Hilary made it to the stage to this month as a guest judge at the London Professional Speakers Association (PSA) event although she did stress she prefers to be behind the stage directing rather than on the stage!

World Class ‘Experts’ join the team

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to even more new Expert Speakers who have joined the team this month. They are quite simply game-changers who achieve outstanding results for clients.

Drum roll please as we introduce the formidable Jamil Qureshi.

Jamil is a motivational and performance coach, he was the 1st Psychologist to coach the European Ryder Cup team – who won by a record winning margin! He has also helped 6 sports people to become No 1 in the world. Jamil has developed leadership programmes for some of the worlds largest brands. Now he’s delivering these insights to businesses around the world enjoy the showreel and watch him in action.

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Secondly we are delighted to introduce you to Tony Morris

The Sales Doctor

Tony is the master at sales strategy, he shares such valuable insight into the art of creating a succinct master plan which takes into consideration all areas of the business. You will be sure to find that there is so much more to sales than you thought. Tony delivers keynotes and masterclasses his showreel below gives a great flavour of the content you can expect.

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Its a huge pleasure to welcome Winston Ben Clements to the team

Winston is a wonderful speaker, you will not fail to be inspired by his story and his determination. A coder by trade he was based in the City of London, sucked into the corporate world, where you worked hard and played hard. The competition and pressure were relentless. Winston strove to find a life that would give him more fulfilment and the opportunity to inspire people to live life on their terms. He is the master of resilience and this showreel is just a small taste of the powerful messages you can expect in his keynote

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Last but by no means least, we are delighted to introduce R Michael Anderson, a tech pioneer.

He has built 3 software companies. One company, Radiant Technologies, made the Inc. 5000 list and was voted the #1 Best Place to Work, and he won Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Now he teaches his uplifting and empowering Elevated Leadership to other companies and leaders who want to elevate themselves as well as their teams and do it all from a place of service. Find out why clients like Uber, Microsoft, SAP, YPO, EO, and Vistage have brought Michael in to teach and elevate their leaders.

You really can’t begin to imagine the energy your business or event can gain by bringing in one of these incredible experts to pass on their insights and knowledge. Get in touch with us and we’ll connect you with the best expertise out there.

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