Find your Stage

Running a speaker bureau as I do, you won’t be surprised to hear I receive a lot of interest from people keen to discover how they can become a Speaker. I believe there is a stage for everyone, and the first thing to do is to get clear on what you want to say and who needs to hear it, once you have these two points resolved, creating your speaker persona begins. Here the magic happens, where you have the power to inspire and educate, its where you seed change in your audience.

Please don’t misunderstand me achieving the above takes time, you need to work at crafting your Speech, adapting it as you grow. It needs to be unique to you, your insight, your knowledge, your heart and soul.

It is yours to own, and the more you focus on this, the audience will feel that powerful deep connection.

You choose to Speak for free because that’s the audience you want to serve, maybe giving back or in a hurry to expedite your profile reach.

Getting paid to Speak, can take time, be patient, be relevant, be articulate, be aware of your audience, be prepared to create special moments. Be bold with your marketing ignite your marketing don’t hold back in selling you.

If this has you wondering if there’s a stage for you.

Be inquisitive – I dare you!

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