How To Become More Visible Using Speaking As A Marketing Tactic

I joined Pascal Fintoni to discuss how the heart of your content marketing strategy is the power of your personal brand and how it can be brought forward with sharing your experience.

We have a truly enlightening conversation about increasing your visibility and credibility using your voice:

In this episode Pascal and I talk about:

  • adapting to the impact of the pandemic in particular using virtual platforms and the introduction of coaching services to speakers
  • why so many people can use speaking and storytelling to deliver their messages from team leadership to marketing technique
  • the range of speaking formats from keynote, signature presentations, virtual coaching, product demonstration and online courses or pop-up events
  • how your key staff can become part of your sales and marketing strategy and why you should invest in their professional development
  • using speaking to amplify your brand and why it is important to build on your ongoing success with collaterals, reviews and online visibility
  • the definition of a keynote presentation and how you can develop ‘spin-off’ smaller talks and sessions for your customers
  • creating products such as courses, membership, books, mastermind sessions and retreats as an ‘add-on’ to extend the experience you started with your presentation
  • what is meant by story and storytelling and how it can be used to craft a presentation that will be of interest to your chosen audience
  • the key elements of her new speaker coaching programme that can help individuals become ‘speaker-ready’ from developing your backstory to your promo pack
  • her thoughts about online events and the software solutions that can help design a great experience for speakers and audiences alike
  • how we all have a story and it is up to us to tell it and to link it to our careers, our products and services and our experiences
  • and so much more!

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