Losing my mojo

It’s been an odd start to the year, and I’m feeling somewhat lost, I’m working from working from home in my lovely office which overlooks the garden and the fields beyond. I catch glimpses of the young deer as they play in the garden next door watched over by their mother. They are joined by the Pheasants and the Heron who often pays a visit from the nearby river. I catch myself just watching them play, enjoying a welcome distraction that stops me doing any work.

But there’s something deeper going on.

New Year is usually filled with masses of enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead. It usually looks, like this: my strategy is set the logistics planned out, and the key clients we are looking to work with have already been identified my mission for the year is in motion!

But this year it is so very different. I’ve found it harder to get excited and generate the focus to achieve these goals. The burning ambition to grow and scale my company is struggling to light, and my bold and determined attitude has deserted me right now. There’s no excitement, or daring to dream.

Is quitting becoming an option?

I am asking myself this question¬† Id always reply NEVER but, just right now I’m not that sure, and that rattles me.

I’m guessing it is okay not to be okay, I wouldn’t know as I’ve always been okay, yet here I am in uncharted waters. So much in our world is out of our control right now.

So for all the entrepreneurs out there who struggle to focus right now, I hear you.

Maybe without realising it, we’ve been overwhelmed.

Procrastinating rather than taking action

Overthinking it when things don’t go to plan.

Doubting ourselves that we are enough, yet we see greatness in all others.

I/ we are better than this let us start rising up and up showing up we are stronger than we think.

Focus on you and your business, drown out the noise.

Re-imagine if that’s what’s needed

More importantly, reach out for help it is out there.


“Let’s keep moving forward as that’s how winning is done .”


Yep, that’s a Rocky Balboa movie quote, a fitting note I thought to end.

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