To be seen as an authority in your field, YOU first need to…

To be seen as an authority in your field, YOU first need to be seen

Sounds simple right? although it can be harder than you think to get noticed, however one effective way is to be a panellist, panels are a good way to share your expertise, showcase what you know and position yourself as a leader in your field.

You can find panel opportunities by searching for events in your sector, do your research to find the events who’s audience and content fit your target audience. Do this bit before you make contact you need to make a good first impression.

Follow my simple strategies to make this happen:

  1. Do your research first, is what you do and the value you can give aligned with this event?
  2. First impressions create a good first impression have your biography up to date with notable relevant accomplishments demonstrate your fit for the event and the value you will bring to the panel discussion. Don’t feel uneasy about asking the organiser what they want your contribution to cover, they will have an objective and know what they want to draw out from the Panel discussion.
  3. Prepare well, approach this as a short speaker opportunity and prepare well in advance. It is a pathway to open new doors for you, whether that is with people in the audience or your fellow panellists.
  4. Look the part, first impressions count. Arrive in good time and make yourself known to the organiser so they know you have arrived.
  5. Establish your credibility with the audience with a good intro, share why you have been selected to be on the panel it’s your opportunity to get the initial attention from the audience, with an interesting intro, you will then hold their attention when you speak on the panel
  6. Tailor your comments and thoughts so they are relevant to the audience in the room.
  7. If the moderator allows making a statement or asks a question to, allow the audience to get involved it will keep their attention
  8. Mention a Fact or statistics from an industry expert to back to endorse what you’re saying will give you credibility
  9. Engage, with your fellow panellists, show interest in what they have to say and respect their views and opinions.

And finally, use the opportunity to network and make new connections.
Let me know how you get on.

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