What do you mean you didn’t rush to the pub at 9.00 am?

What did you do the morning Covid restrictions were lifted a little?

What do you mean you didn’t rush to the pub at 9.00 am? Where’s your sense of adventure?

To be fair, I wasn’t there either, but it was great to own my freedom again.
I wonder if the daily exercise routines we all started will continue post lockdown, or will it be just like our New Year resolutions, best intentions and all that!

Regardless, I do hope you took some time out to appreciate more freedom, and as the sun returns, our energy levels are rising too.

So what have you done to shrug off the last of the winter blues and mindset misery?

If your more Tortoise than Hare right now: here are a few tips to get you firing on all cylinders, you know it’s time to be a bit bolder, right?

  1. Website review – get it up to date, don’t hold back
  2. Connections – plan the events you want to get to, to get the conversations flowing
  3. Visibility – where’s your audience, where do you find them
  4. Reach – how do you reach them
  5. Consider – speaking, its the fastest and easiest way to become visible
  6. PR – build your PR Connections
  7. Research – know the influencers in your space

So what are you waiting for? I mean, really, what are you waiting for?

If you would rather hibernate than tackle this alone then, my ‘SOS’ stage finding programme could be just what you need.

My client Kia said this about my programme;

“Hilary’s SOS service has been a total gamechanger for my business. I wasted so much time trying to do this work on my own, this has delivered the clarity I’ve been expending large amounts of time and energy trying to accomplish alone for the past 18 months in just 2 sessions. I love how each session we have a focus, and on the work I need to do between sessions delivers so many light-bulb moments and is totally doable. She has given me the steer I needed and the right questions, which finally clarify my niche, client avatar and brand. The whole service is so valuable and will Fast track your speaking ambitions”. – Kia Cannons

To find out more about my done for you stage finding service, simply email me at hilary@thebrandactivators.co.uk for all the details

For more on using speaking to elevate your brand join my Facebook group: Step Up and Stand Out

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