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I would really like to convince you to use ‘speaking’ as a vitally important part of your marketing strategy. Let me show you how to reach your ideal client in a way that makes this, the most personal of all marketing tactics. Indeed it is this form of marketing that will have a direct impact on your reputation and bottom line.

Before you unleash yourself on your audience do your prep.

Create your talk with your audience in mind be sure that it is tailored specifically to the people you serve, it’s wise to remember quality over quantity, a small niche audience is far better than a large general audience. Be sure to cover what your talk is about, the outcomes and learnings, describe what sets you apart from others in your field.

Identify opportunities where you will find your ideal client will be to test your content meetings and events are a good place to start and to gain feedback through questions to see that the message you wish to convey is landing.

Opportunities will present themselves and you will pick up new contacts and material to enhance your talks during this phase of testing.

Speaking at certain events, for example, educational events, not for profit or charitable events where you can give something back in terms of knowledge and insight is an excellent way to build credibility and reputation. New connections and opportunities will present themselves from these networks. You are also supporting organisations that potentially may not be able to afford you.

Further opportunities can be found within the corporate sector at conferences, sector-specific events,  awards, seminars hospitality experiences etc.

Maybe it’s time to add ‘speaking’ to your plan to access this powerful and extremely cost-effective opportunity.

For a helping hand on making this happen:

‘SOS’ Speakers on Stages’ – is our signature stage finding programme and may be suitable for you. You will find the details right here –

I’ll leave you with this one last thought. If you were to replicate the suggestions above with your senior team, just imagine the momentum you may create.   

We are ready when you are.

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