From A-B

It never fails to surprise me the number of business owners who don’t have a current business plan in place.

They can tell me what they want from their businesses: financial freedom, work-life balance, to be a millionaire, to been seen as the expert in their field, to scale with multiple locations, but being so caught up in the running of the business, the business plan to get them from A-B may well be missing from the process!

Remember the business plan you created way back when you started the business, a necessary exercise in thinking the company through in detail. You did your due diligence. There was the SWOT analysis, your financial plan, the P&L, your research, the marketing & sales plan, and much more were; all given your full attention.

So when did you last take a step back to assess your current position? Are you really where you want to be, or have you just ended up here!

You may have just gone with the flow, but what I can tell you is without an up to date plan and the road map to get you from A-B, how can you expect to find your actual destination?

Treat yourself, book yourself some time out and assess your plan.

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If you want help to discover where you want to be, to formulate that plan and to decide on your destination.

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