Who are you?

Are you positioning yourself correctly?

To avoid confusion, I don’t mean in your chair, but how are you positioning yourself as your Brand.

Do you know the difference between an Influencer and an Expert and the difference between an Expert and a Thought Leader?

Which one you choose will determine the kind of content you create and where (which platforms) you should be spending your time and focus on. Most likely, you’re currently in the expert category.

Let me explain the differences:

The Influencer – is someone who wants to show you how to ‘be like them; they are generally mass market. The Kardashians, Amy Porterfield, Marie Foleo are good examples of ways they monetise their products, including programmes, affiliate marketing, sponsorships & media endorsements to sell to their mass online audiences.

Platforms used are visual: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube.

The Expert – is someone with knowledge and experience of their subject, they have their stories and experiences to share where the influencer wants you to ‘be like them’ the Expert wants you to ‘learn from them’. They are often Authors, Coaches, entrepreneurs, academics, Ted speakers. For example Geoff Ramm, Penny Mallory, Jude Ower. Some speakers will also publish White Papers, they are known for their topics, research and media content. Ways to monetise are Speaking, publishing, consulting, training & research.

Platforms are generally: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook.

The Thought Leader – wants you to imagine and ‘believe with them. There’s much overlap between being an expert and a thought leader that you can leverage; however, the distinct difference is where an Expert delivers content from research and experience. The Thought Leader will pose questions and challenges to seed change and develop the big idea. They are putting themselves in the story, sharing their experiences: for example, Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Richard Branson. Ways to monetise are Publishing, Speaking, Media Endorsement, Sponsorship, Product development and Consulting.

Platforms are generally: LinkedIn, Twitter mass media and significant stages

Are you comfortable with your current positioning if not there’s always the option to re-position?

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