Undercover Boss

Have you watched it? I love it!

Should you be wondering what I’m on about, Undercover Boss, is the TV show which follows a group of chief executives and company bosses as they swap their position for overalls and go in disguise to work on their very own shop floors.

Emotions run high as the multi-millionaire bosses see their businesses through the eyes of their struggling employees and experience the raw reality of what their workers face every day.

Many years ago, and while my mates were reading the latest teen magazines, I read about the trials and tribulations of many brave and daring entrepreneurs. I was obsessed with their roller-coaster ride in the pursuit of success. It has always been my one great interest, and I remember badgering the head at my school to have a business club. I wasn’t that academic; most subjects bored me; if it wasn’t for PE and Business studies, as far as I could see, there was very little point in going to school. I was only interested in plain talk, about how to be an entrepreneur and when I wasn’t doing that, I was playing sport.

I grew up with this desire to accomplish something worthwhile, and for me, that was being my Boss. It took a few attempts, a lot of perseverance, and many a curve, along the way.

My company ‘The Brand Activators, was inspired by those stories I read many years ago.

Please do take a peek thebrandactivators.co.uk and see how I can activate your audience. Either by helping you become a more prolific speaker or by enhancing your next event by connecting you with experts.

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