The only way an organisation can achieve its potential is by maximising the visibility of their beliefs, ideas and ambition.

Welcome to my agency we are a events and speaker agency connecting you to the people who are quite simply game changers in business and life.

Each one of my handpicked ‘Brand Activators’ are accomplished experts in their chosen fields, they are also experienced Mentors, Consultants and Speakers. Some are highly recognisable, others not so, all of their stories and experiences stand out.

I have had the absolute privilege of working with these ambitious people in my 25-year career directing high profile events.

We would love the opportunity to work with you supporting you on your next event.

Imagine the immense value you will gain, with my team consider the impact and insight a Brand Activator will have when they speak to your people.

Picture the ripple effect a Brand Activator will have on your audience when they speak at your next event.