Beatrix Schmidt

Sleep Coach, Professional Speaker, Author of The Sleep Deep Method®

The Sleep Coach

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Beatrix is a sleep coach, professional speaker and the author of The Sleep Deep Method®. Having struggled with insomnia and burning herself out in hermid-twenties, she spent the last 12 years researching sleep and learning that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than just how tired we are and the number of hours we sleep.  

She believes that sleeping well at night is a set of practical skills that we can all develop which is why she has launched the Sleep Skills For Life Masterclass Series in 2021. 

In 2019 she completed the Edinburgh Sleep Science Course, accredited by the Royal Society of Physicians and a course on CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia). She continues her research on the topic of sleep, insomnia and other sleep problems as a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine.

As a sleep coach, in her private practice, she works with professionals from all walks of life to help them overcome insomnia and other sleep-related problems, but primarily focusing on the sleep problems that are caused by lifestyle choices and changes. These include stress-induced insomnia which is all so common in todays fast-paced life putting pressure on our daily performance both at work and at home. 

As a professional speaker, she has been presenting talks and workshops for a number of years supporting organisations to help their employees with sleep-related problems that affect their daytime work performance, mental health and other areas of their life. Through the power of The Sleep Deep Method®, she is able to provide a roadmap through the practical, interactive and insightful workshop to get people to think about sleep in a more practical and less daunting science’ way. 

Outside of her corporate and client work, she has been a delegate for the World Sleep Day for the 4th year running, raising awareness globally about the impact of sleep-related issues that so many professionals struggle with on a daily basis.