Brad Burton

The UK's #1 Motivational Speaker


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You won’t forget a Brad Burton event; as well as being packed with high-powered energy, infectious enthusiasm and energetic engagement, you’ll tap into 14+ years of valuable experience and 45 years of…life.

He’s more than just a motivational speaker:

  • Founder of 4Networking, the UK’s largest joined-up national business network.

  •  Author of 4 highest-rated business books; and reviewed as 5* author on Amazon.

  •  Mentor to sole-traders, small businesses, and large corporates; delivering sessions around public speaking and book writing.

  •  Coach at self-development events and with his exclusive members-only club, providing unwavering support and business acumen.

  •  Trainer to teams and corporates, providing training days and sessions in individuals and group settings.

You’ve just found the full package.




Are you ready to get your team fully focused and fired-up?

Do you need a professional speaker who will blow the socks off you and your audience?

As well as credible, logical, and straight to-the-point, you’ll find that Brad’s motivational business message is consistent: BE YOU.

Often, when companies want innovation,  they seek motivational or inspirational speakers. When companies REALLY want to be innovative and edgy, beyond a bullet point on a powerpoint, they turn to Brad.

It’s tough to find professionals with both the guts and ability to be ‘different’; but more than often, a revived approach is exactly what you need to sharpen every area of your life.

Brad Burton is different because his way works.

This is a guy who went into a congested, established marketplace, created a vacuum and in doing so, made the established organisations and businesses look fuddy duddy. Brad built a hugely successful business, from nothing. Having gone through all the peaks and pit-falls that came with it, he has a track record of resonating with all audiences, of any size and background.

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