Chris Moss

Business Agitator & Billion Dollar Brand Guru


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Chris Moss describes himself as a business agitator. He is passionate about stirring business leaders to see things differently, such as redefining markets, creating magic moments or refusing to take no as an answer.

A better description would be as an Intrapreneur, an in-company entrepreneur

However, Moss has over time delivered more than Intrapreneurship. He has been an essential ingredient in at least three billion dollar companies. He has had a stellar career in Air Travel, Telecomms and Banking, and is planning a tectonic shift to the world of Banking.

Moss doesn’t take NO for an answer easily, maybe it’s his dyslexia or general stubbornness after struggling at school, but most of the successes have come from moments in his career when others have doubted the ideas or plans for growth.

During his career he has overseen some spectacular successes and witnessed amazing failures. He was Brand and Customer Marketing Director for the merger of Lloyds and TSB, and also managed the brand ICO when they spectacularly spent $3.5 billion in attempting to launch a satellite phone service, and failed when they were unable to get a Satellite into space orbit.

More recently he presided over the launch of several new telecoms services across the UK, Ireland, France and Italy after European deregulation of Directory Enquiries gave new opportunities against the incumbent telcos. The 118118 service launched to spectacular success in the UK, quickly followed by France and Italy. The success was followed in Ireland and Switzerland. Moss then spent nearly 2 years working in the USA launching and building the Knowledge Generation Bureau better known as KGB, His US experience includes having a Superbowl ad banned and skydiving with the Baldwin Brothers.

Described as mad, dumb, thick and stupid and a Genius by a number of his peers, he puts it down to no more than a few lucky breaks and the dyslexic ability to see things differently.