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Chrissy Bray is a highly successful MC and singer who specialises in hosting interactive events that bring people together in a spectacularly fun fashion. Her series of carefully crafted themed experiences have brought thousands of people across the globe to the dance floor in droves, as she ignites the inner superstar that lives within all of us with her energetic hosting style and off-the-cuff comedic flair. Chrissy has risen from hosting radio and television roles in her native Australia to performing at world-famous music festivals and sporting shows across the globe. Known for her brilliant sense of humour, Chrissy is a popular event host and commentator who has lent her skills to everything from FIFA World Cup to Cineworld’s 4DX launch to Red Bull’s brand activations and many more.

Alongside her services as a TV presenter and event host, Chrissy is a well-respected and much-loved singer with an ever-increasing fan base that has seen her perform in the USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia. Singing alongside DJ’s and also performing as a DJ/singer in her own right, Chrissy delivers an incredible show that combines Pop and House music with her soaring live vocals in spectacular style.


In recent years Chrissy has combined her impressive MC’ing talents with her vocal prowess to create memorable and hugely popular musical games nights for corporations looking for exceptional entertainment that delivers a massive WOW factor. Chrissy’s effortless tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and impressive singing voice make for the perfect combination for a night of highly immersive fun, however, it is when she steps off the stage and turns the spotlight on the audience that her party creations shift beyond the usual corporate celebration. Every themed event is specifically structured so that instead of passively watching the entertainment, the audience actually becomes the entertainment. Chrissy expertly draws the audience into the heart of the action, ensuring everyone feels safe and relaxed to the point where people find themselves singing, dancing and participating in a passionate and carefree way that is simply unsurpassed.

It is this effortless audience engagement that sets Chrissy’s games nights apart. Audience members are invited to join together in teams and partake in a series of rounds that begin similarly to a trivia format, but gradually over the course of the evening, Chrissy sets various challenges that involve singing, dancing and a whole lot of spectacular prancing. The result is an uproarious room filled with people out-performing each other, participating in a brilliantly whole-hearted way that must be seen to be believed. This is five-star entertainment at its show-stopping best.

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