Dani Wallace


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In 2021 Dani was recognised as a Global Woman of the year for her work for leading conversations on overcoming self-sabotage.

Dani Wallace is a former seriaself-saboteur having grown up on the council estates of Preston. Dani has survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment and is one of the new and exciting speakers on stages today. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in business from presenting and events to leadership and management training. Dani uses her knowledge of both traditional employment in the corporate sector and self-employment in the entertainment industry to deliver memorable, inspirational and thought-provoking talks in her own unique and distinctive style bringing truth and humour with a ton of practical advice. It’s not just her own speaking that Dani specialises in through her courses, masterminds and VIP experiencesDani helps people across the world from novices to celebrities and enthusiastic amateurs to 7 figure earners create incredible talks that help them stand powerfully on stages, reaching more of their ideal audiences and making more money. 

Dani is also the fearless leader of the ‘I am the Queen Bee Movement’ and the creator of the ‘Fly Anyway Foundation. Dani helps people to Show Up Wise and Rise, Up with her online morning show.  She is a reminder to everyone that enters her orbit that they to regardless of their journey can fly anyway