Danny Bent

Community Builder, Happiness Guru and Boundary Pusher.


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Top 100 in UK
Top 50 ins
Raised over $1M for charity
Top 50 inspirational people in London
Winner of Times Green Journalist award
Winner of Peoples Book Award for none fiction
Winner of Runners World Fundraiser of the Year
2 x Nominee at the Running Awards (March 2019)

Danny uses his experiences from his sport, adventurers and business to change the way the audience view their own lives, how they deal with adversity and how they can maximise positive change.

Serial community builder, happiness guru and boundary pusher, Danny’s endeavours and talks have been celebrated across the world.

Danny has made it his life long ambition to unite humanity across all borders, religions and nationalities. He is a regular in the media for his loud and proud style and knowledge on the power of sport to unite and radically inclusive communities. His unique viewpoints, energy and passion have amassed a following of die hard supporters, many whose lives have been changed directly by Danny’s communities, events, fundraising and actions.

Danny came into the mass public consciousness on the BBC’s Ultimate Hell Week where Britain’s toughest and fittest were tested by Special Forces from across the world with one mission: to break the recruits. Being 1 of 3 to make it to the end; his mental toughness and physical resilience were celebrated but it was his smile and fun loving nature whilst under crushing pressure that won the hearts of the nation.

Danny has written 2 books. The first ‘You’ve gone too far this time, Sir’ is a bestselling story of his cycle journey from London to India. Being held at gun point, waking with maggots in his beard and being, and experiencing the very best and worst of humanity made this a compelling story. His second book ‘Not all superheroes wear capes’ is an epic account of his 3326.2 mile running relay across the US that raised almost $600,000 for the people affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

Within business Danny has been employed to boost team moral, to coach leadership and to encourage communication and culture.

Among the companies he has worked with, he includes Nike, HSBC, Fullers, Ikea, Innocent, Twitter, Youtube, Citroen, National Geographic, BBC amongst others.

Danny is a recognised speaker on all topics within positivity, leadership and community. His talks take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions from laughter, to tears and cringing disgust. His audiences get lost within his storytelling and find pieces of themselves they’d forgotten existed.

His energy and passion intoxify the listener and his huge array of experiences gathered from a lifetime of being true to himself allow him to authentically engage the audience sharing tips that don’t just touch their lives, but may just change them forever.

‘We have talks monthly and I haven’t seen anything like Danny before. Brilliant’ Nick Cannons, Sector Light

‘The best speaker we’ve had at the house of sport. I noted 5 tips I’m going to try and use this week:

  • You can always find a positive in ANY situation

  • Challenging your fears can teach you more than you think

  • Helping people helps you

  • Live in the now

  • I need to find my tribe!”

Rob Smyth, London Sport.



‘Inspiring to a life changing level’


‘Danny brought his unique style and energy to our teams across the US’


‘Danny really is a happiness guru. A guy next door with a special talent.’

Bauer Media

‘People were laughing and then crying as Danny’s incredible stories rolled from his tongue. Every office needs some Danny’


‘Voted one of the most popular talks all week. We had to open an auditorium next door and live stream his talk it proved so popular.’

National Geographic

‘Danny’s talk was so popular we had people standing outside the theatre hanging on his every word’

Royal Geographical Society

‘Dany’s enthusiasm for life is intoxifying. He captures the crowd and his positivity rubs off on you’