Jimmy Cregan

From Tasmanian shores to Tesco stores. My inspirational journey


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Jim was born and raised in the UAE and is an expat with sunshine in his belly. After completing a degree in event production on the south coast of England, his career started with a series of high twists and low turns.

A sudden realisation that life wasn’t ‘doing it for him’, Jim head to Oz with a his girlfriend, Sophie for a great escape. On his travels in their 4X4, they came across Iced Coffee in cartons and it was here that Jim had his eureka moment.

After returning to the UK, Jim decided it was make or break and went into business with his sister creating a ready to drink iced coffee product of their own. 7 years, 4 house moves, 4 office moves, a marriage to Sophie, 2 kids, 13 staff and a fleet of old school cars later, Jim is here to tell you his story and will hopefully sew the seed of success into anyone who’s listening.