Laura McInerney

Newspaper Journalist & Technology Business Owner

Laura McInerney

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Laura McInerney is a newspaper journalist and tech business owner.

She started her career as a secondary teacher in London where she had her ribs broken and her corridor set on fire.

In 2014, she was taken to court by the education secretary, Michael Gove, for asking to see documents about free schools. Laura represented herself in two courtroom battles until she received the documents, revealing years of government incompetence.

At the age of 32 she joined Schools Week and within 13 weeks became its editor. The paper led investigations into the Prime Minister’s daughter attending a state school which (illegally) charged for entry, and helped stop the government from using schools to passport check, and deport, the children of immigrants. She has also written a regular column for the Guardian since 2013.

Laura is now co-founder of Teacher Tapp, a daily mobile app that surveys thousands of teachers. Last year, just 4% of investments went to all female-founded companies. Laura is proud that Teacher Tapp was one of them.

  • What To Do When You’re Out Of Your League – Are you ever overwhelmed in professional situations? Do you often feel outclassed? Most people feel this way! But the stories we tell ourselves in those situations have huge power over how well we manage it. After representing herself in court, becoming an editor of a newspaper within 13 weeks, and raising a quarter of a million pounds for her first tech business, Laura has learned how to handle situations where you feel out of your depth. In this talk she gives practical ways to stay calm, keep focused and how to become an expert quickly so you can best take control of new roles.
  • What Everyone Woman Should Know About Funding-Raising For A New Business – Last year, over 90% of investments went to all male-founded teams. Why is this and what can women be doing to encourage more cash for their business ideas? Laura has spent the past two years studying how best to pitch for investment and successfully leading her own seed round. In this talk she shares the things to look out for, what NOT to do, and how female founders can make sure they get their fair share.
  • How To Speak To The Media So They Listen – As a former newspaper editor turned businesswoman Laura has helped hundreds of social enterprises and commercial businesses get into the media in ways that amplify their brand. Blunt in delivery Laura is clear about what doesn’t sell – seriously, no one is waiting to hear the good news about your product – but in this talk she explains the best way to communicate in a way that helps journalist want to listen and write positively about what your organisation is doing.