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Nicki James, 31, is a personal brand strategist and champion of women empowering them to step into their unique power and grow successful businesses. 

From a 6 year-old who was told that it was ‘better to be seen and not heard’ to safeguard herself, to becoming a best selling author, sharing stages with the likes of Google, experiencing rapid growth in her business and making a huge impact by building true connections with her audience, she now runs a multi 6 figure business and has experienced highs of 50K months. 

Challenged to step out of her comfort zone by her Gran, Nicki believes all women should be seen and heard and uses her story, and journey to empower her audience to believe in themselves and step into their unique power so they can create the businesses and lives they‘ve always desired.

She’s passionate about spreading her message to help others realise that the rocket fuel they need to soar – is them and that the secret sauce they need to grow their business is their individual magic.  

Nicki has transformed the fortunes of many women, helping them see that they CAN achieve more than they thought possible – without changing who they are.