Richard Noble OBE

Challenger, Entrepreneur, Record Breaker, Motivational Speaker & TV Presenter

Richard Noble OBE

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Richard Noble is a British entrepreneur who has achieved 6 world speed records, including breaking the Sound barrier on land which has never been equalled or beaten.

Specialising in high technology engineering startups, Richard is perhaps best known as The Project Director of ThrustSSC, the first ever supersonic land speed record programme producing the vehicle which holds the current land speed record, set at Black Rock Desert, Nevada in 1997.

A successful author, his autobiography Thrust:The Remarkable Story of One Man’s Quest for Speed was published in 1998. Book sold 59,000 copies in hardback. Richard’s passion is in delivering high risk ventures and translating his experiences into key management lessons resulting in over 750 corporate presentations worldwide.

A lifelong interest in speed and engineering, his work has scaled all aspects with projects completed in air, marine and his best known, on land. This continues today following many years developing the Bloodhound programme.

Richard is a first class communicator and passionate about British engineering. He used the Bloodhound programme to advance engineering education in UK. In 2018 becoming the largest STEM programme in UK – engaging with 2,000,000 schoolchildren worldwide.

In 1983 Richard was awarded the OBE for services to Motor Sport.