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The Automotive Speaker; The Death of a Car Salesman

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The Automotive Speaker; The Death of a Car Salesman – How the car industry changed my life, MANY times! Stephen J Whitton, is a veteran of the car industry – yes, he was a car salesman!

After carving out a successful career of over 30 years in the Automotive Sector, Stephen now shares his stories, anecdotes and insights to help organisations understand how they can adapt their behaviours to keep up with fast-moving technological advances and be fit for their customers’ changing expectations.

From a very working-class background, his family were massively disappointed that his choice of career was not to pursue a life of “grime” in factories and workshops – for them, the rebellion was taking up a “white collar” job, in an environment that stood for showing off, being flash and success. So, despite the inner voice issues and the family ostracization, he ploughed on and through roles in car sales, big corporates, large PLCs and even his own busy the training company has become a renowned and polished Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator across the industry.

But! Through a number of life-changing and life-affirming events, Stephen observed first-hand the resilience and forward-thinking attitudes needed to survive in a rapidly changing world. Moreover – he observed how old fashioned management behaviours create a reputation with both internal and external customers. So, now as a thought-leader, regular commentator and writer, Stephen finds he is able to paint a bigger picture through his prophecies of the Automotive Industry over the most rapid change that’s coming in its history – and it’s the kind of stuff that’s affecting every business that’s dependent on sales and customers for its revenue!

Stephen is a global speaker and wants to share his insights with organisations that are facing change and need to consider how they manage, drive and develop their people. With a very witty, audience centred approach, Stephen will leave the audience laughing, crying and most of all pondering the future – but motivated to take action!

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Automotive expert, speaker, inspirer and motivator. Steve has so much experience behind him- (he’s older than he looks 😉 which he displays in every session. He speaks from the heart, is poignant and relevant. His experience and insights about the automotive sector are not to be missed. And he’s pretty great to work with too. So Book him for your next event! Darren Smallridge – Founder, One Degree Development.

Stephen recently delivered a highly entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking presentation at the MK branch of the CQI. Anyone who takes their commitments to meet their customer’s needs and expectations seriously should listen and take note. Highly recommended..! Paul Robinson – Managing Consultant, Blackmores.

If you want a thought-provoking talk then look no further than Stephen! Stephen came to talk to our Rotary club about the changes we will all need to make to engage with younger people. It was done in an entertaining and none confrontational way and provoked a number of questions. I would recommend Stephen to entertain and educate any audience.  Mike Rhodes – CEO, Crispin Rhodes.