Steve Bartlett

Social Media Marketing - How Not to Become Irrelevant in 2018


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Steve Bartlett is the Co Founder and CEO of The Social Chain, an award winning social first marketing agency and social media publishing house with offices in London, Manchester, Berlin and New York.  The group owns over 400 digital communities and is able to reach over 386 million, working with brands such as SuperDry, Warner Music, New Balance and Coca Cola.  Steve is a disruptive voice of the changing social and media world, an established keynote speaker and was voted ‘most influential’ in the industry in 2017.

Running a 150 person social media agency in 5 locations worldwide provides Steve with experience that few 25y olds can claim for themselves. Social Chain is considered one of Europe’s largest social media agencies and puts Steve at the forefront of all industry developments.  He is in a unique position to address entrepreneurship having dropped out of university after just one lecture to pursue a path thought to be unconventional by most. His youth allows him to speak for this generation on a number of topics such as the educational system and self development.