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Susan Armstrong

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Inspiring, entertaining and educating, Susan Armstrong has been changing peoples’ lives for over 20 years…starting with her own. 20 Years of living on the streets, homelessness, addiction, and abuse at the hands of a notorious motorcycle gang are not what you expect to find behind a successful Business Transformation specialist, but they are the circumstances that taught Susan the many ways in which we are responsible for creating our own personal and business reality.

Specializing in transforming businesses through their people, Susan works with organizations to effect transformational change through creating emotionally intelligent leaders and individual contributors that re-engage and motivate workplace performance. Susan shares the knowledge and techniques she has gained through her own transformation to help others become more resilient, gain confidence and become more successful. Her Transformational Leadership programs have won awards, and she has spoken in over 40 countries on 6 continents for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Philips, SABIC, AB InBev, Parexel and many other household names.

Whether you are a Leader, Individual Contributor, or Entrepreneur, she is a powerful mirror for what is truly possible if we just set ourselves free of our own faulty thinking and beliefs.

Susan knows about transformation. She has been shot, stabbed, beaten so badly she was left on the side of the road for dead, believing she was worthless and did not deserve to live, when the gang failed to kill her, she tried herself for two years.

It was in recovering from her self-destructive lifestyle, Susan quickly realized that what she had was a “thinking” problem. That everything she believed to be true about herself and how to get along in the world was wrong and she needed to re-wire her thought processes. She embarked on a mission to learn everything she could about how to interact with herself and the world around her and transform her life. What she didn’t know is that she was developing emotional intelligence, she was developing her resilience and transforming herself in the process. It is this emotional intelligence that enabled Susan to go from working a minimum wage job to Director in a large Financial Organization in 4 short years. It was also during this time that Susan realized that “normal” people were suffering just as she was and so she made a decision to share her knowledge and techniques with others, so they could find the success, happiness and confidence that she was acquiring.

Emotional Intelligence is the “red-thread” running through all of Susan’s Speaking and Training programs. Transforming an organization is less about the processes, organizational structure, and product or service offerings and more about the people. You can change your company structure…but if you’re are not teaching your Leaders to be Transformational Leaders, if you not teaching your people the emotional intelligence to work with and through the transformation, then you are destined to struggle. Susan shares with us the secret weapon for any organisations success – emotional intelligence.