Tina Boden

Your Business & You: Why #MicroBizMatters


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The TinyTroubleshooter, is one of the UKs leading voices for micro business & co-founder of #MicroBizMatters Movement; working to make life better for those that employ 0-9 and turnover less than £2m annually. Having run her own micro businesses in different sectors – property letting & management, property development, retail and hospitality – for nearly 30 years, Tina knows a thing or two about how the smallest businesses tick, the do not call her @MicroBizGirl for nothing. 

Always keen to make a difference through positive action Tina co-founded, and had co-funded, Enterprise Rockers C.I.C in January 2012 with Tony Robinson OBE, their aim was to make life in micro business better.  In 2015 they created #MicroBizMatters Day, the only online and offline annual day of recognition, action and learning for micro business owners anywhere, held on the second Friday in January every year. 

Working in micro businesses to guide them with development & growth is a key focus of Tina’s day to day life.   Whether organising events, delivering workshops, working one to one with the business owner or stepping in while they take a break,Tina Boden, The TinyTroubleshooter, and sometimes Mrs B, The B and B Keeper, ensures the well being of micro business, and its owners, as good as it can be.

Third generation self employed, Tina is a passionate ambassador for both independent and family businesses & spends about 90% of her shopping budget, both business and personal, with micro and independent businesses.

A constant connector, Tina is always bringing people and organisations together to make a difference. She is a problem solver, a speaker, a writer, and a giver of time in her voluntary roles as Chair of the Andrew McGeown Legacy Fund, a constituted branch of  the RNLI and Honorary Treasurer of the Scarborough  Lifeboat Management Group.