Tom Morley

80's Pop Star and Team Building Guru


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‘Inventor’ – that’s what you’ll find on Tom’s business card. He’s inventing all the time, but not in the “I’ve finally perfected the coffee maker” way. More in the “I’ve just invented a new way to connect people” way.

He’s lived an obsessively inventive life, singing, drumming and storytelling which you’ll find works in your favour.  Tom talks about THE GROOVE rather than the drums. Yes, rhythm is referenced but it’s the outcomes of people making music together that are important. Bonding, risk-taking, listening to each other while not losing your own identity. These things happen in an orchestra and pop band alike. All of them are relevant to current business challenges.

Tom has developed a way of living where every experience leads to the humorous uncovering of some universal truth, he’s learned to turn his disasters and successes into stand-up comedy. His description of both the highs and lows of life as an artist, musician and entrepreneur have people in stitches. Delivered, it has to be said, as if he’s describing a trip to the corner shop.

Having run hundreds of teambuilding events around the world Tom is very comfortable onstage, he feels at home there. He’s always willing to share it and collaborate with whoever else is on the schedule for the day – if there’s away of deepening the conference message with a custom-written anthem that the whole group can sing or drum along to just mention it when you speak to us. Everything is possible.

Tom presents 3 engaging, energising and, above all, fun keynote sessions.

  1. Solo Keynote – Like those sports people with their medals and mountain climbers with their avalanche tales you know from his face that Tom has put the rock’n’roll hours in. This is a story of late-night risks and glamorous disasters. Not just thinking out the box but BEING out the box.
  2. Audience Interaction Keynote – Get your audience up on stage and make them part of the show! Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. Whether a crowd gets into it or not is ALL about the warm-up. Get that right and you’re winning and Tom has spent two decades making sure he always succeeds. Always? Yes, he made his mistakes in the first decade, the second has been plain sailing.
  3. Big show keynote – We pull out all the stops on this one. Design, re-design, every voice heard and disciplined rehearsals leading to NOW-FACTOR glory. Quite simply the most memorable heart-opening conference you will see this year.