Tom Morley

80's Pop Star and Team Building Guru


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Given his Scritti Politti background ‘Famous Drummer’ would be an easy micro-niche for Tom to fall into.  But that’s not enough for this irrepressible polymath. Tom talks about THE GROOVE more than the drums.

Rhythm is referenced, but it’s the outcomes of people making music together that are important to him:  bonding, risk-taking, listening to each other while not losing your own identity. These things happen in an orchestra and pop band alike. All of them are relevant to current business challenges.

Tom has developed a way of living where every experience leads to the humorous uncovering of some universal truth; he’s learned to turn his disasters and successes into stand-up comedy. His description of both the highs and lows of life as an artist, musician and entrepreneur have audiences crying and laughing and mainly laughing.

Having run hundreds of teambuilding events around the world, Tom is very much at home on stage. He walks the talk and inspires others to do the same.



What it means to serenade serendipity and advocate adventure. That is, how to sing to chance and embrace what comes your way, and how to step out of your comfort zone as a daily policy of personal growth.

Starting with his experiences on stage with the 80s band Scritti Politti, Tom describes the advantages of taking calculated risks. 50% of the songs in their performances were made up on the spot. How did they have the nerve to create in that way, at the moment?

That early spark lit a fire in Tom’s heart to live offstage in this creative way too and encourage others to do the same.

He now runs a Team Building company permitting people to try all sorts of new things so that ‘creativity muscle’ gets flexed and developed daily. In this talk, people hear about, and may even get a taste of, walking on the wild side.

How do you create and maintain an agile mindset? When you see a star on stage getting the crowd going with their latest upbeat HIT song, you might think, “They have no problems at all. What a life!” However, they may be singing a different song inside.

After decades of working in the music business with artists like Scritti Politti, David Bowie and Madness Tom Morley describe some different, more private ‘hits’. These are the doubts that beset us all, stars included. Help is at hand though with Tom’s 7-Step REMIX Process. Everyone can now turn that sad secret ballad into a public dance classic.

Described with authentic vulnerability and self-effacing humour, this is a take away that everyone loves.

You are working together, breaking down silos and stepping out of your comfort zone. Tom Morley delivers a bonding experience that transforms your event with music and laughter. “People will forget what you say and forget what you do, but they’ll always remember the way you make them feel”. Maya Angelou.

Whole conferences can be themed around this interactive approach. For example: ‘Working in Harmony’, ‘Achieving the Impossible’ and ‘Feeling The Beat’.

If this suits your needs, we’d suggest Tom opens the conference with an ice-breaker (10-15 minutes), returns for the ‘graveyard slot’ session after lunch (45 minutes), and sends everyone on their way energised and smiling at the end of the day (5-10 minutes).