Behind the scenes with Penny, the formidable Rally Car Champion

By Hilary Dunne | August 9, 2018

Penny Mallory battled against all the odds to make her childhood dream come true –…

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A Masterclass in Networking: An Interview with Brad Burton

By Hilary Dunne | February 17, 2018

Brad Burton is the master of Networking. What this man doesn’t know about networking just…

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The mindful art of face to face conversation

By Hilary Dunne | January 27, 2018

Are you so strapped for time that blocking timeout in your diary to get to…

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A Masterclass in the art of OMG

By Hilary Dunne | December 16, 2017

I am absolutely delighted to introduce you to my good friend, Geoff Ramm, whom I’ve…

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Say hello to retailtainment

By Hilary Dunne | December 12, 2017

Are we missing out in the name of impulse? They said the internet was going…

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