Have you seen so called “experts” talk about what you know and thought “I could do that better?”


The agency that connects the ambitious to the extraordinary, meet the game-changers and the impact makers who inject expertise and knowledge to activate your audience.


Provides you with the tools to make sure you can become that “go to” industry expert. How do you become more than just a person who stands on a stage and talks. We’ve all seen them and to be honest, we’ve all forgotten them quickly enough! I have come to realise that by following a simple system, your knowledge can be harnessed and developed to ensure you become a RVIP!

As a speaker, you need to truly connect with your audience and to do that you need your story, your knowledge, your whole package from the pitch to the ovation to be engaging and captivating. You need to become the expert, not only in what you know, but in how you share what you know – that’s when you become a real VIP!

The RVIP Signature Programme is 4-weeks of personal mentoring, comprising of 4 sessions typically over 4 weeks. In each session, I will be taking you through every part of my Signature System and answering your questions live as we cover each element of the RVIP system.


Designed for busy entrepreneurs who want to be more visible, attract more attention and be more proactive with their marketing. Speaking is one of the fastest and most cost-e ective ways to grow your audience, it’s also pretty quick and easy.

Connections are key. It’s all about who you know, not just what you know. Now that’s where I come in with my ‘SOS’ support, for those who don’t know me I’ve been putting speakers on stages for over 26 years in my work as Events Director, Events Producer and Speaker Bureau owner to say I’m well connected is a bit of an understatement.

– Finding the time & focus to do the research
– Building the relationship to sell yourself in
– Doing the pitch
– Not sure where to find the opportunities
– Lack of the right connections and network
– Confidence and stage presence
– Creating bespoke marketing material
– If you are serious about making Speaking part of your commercial strategy my agency will help you by doing the work on your behalf.